Development Status and Prospect of Crane Industry


With the development of economy in our country, great progress has been made in crane manufacturing industry. There are also more and more fields in which cranes are used. Moreover, a lot of space does not support the operation of large cranes. Therefore, such a working environment requires special skills or Constructed crane products appear.

Statistics show that China's lifting machinery industry output value, sales revenue and total profit over the annual average rate of increase of more than 15%, as of 2012, the crane industry's total industrial output reached 267 billion yuan, sales revenue reached 256 billion yuan, with a total profit of 14.8 billion yuan.

China's crane industry is developing rapidly, the industry continues to expand the scale, with the offline market to further expand the development of mobile Internet e-commerce market has become the inevitable trend of development of the industry. In the context of the increasingly profound impact of mobile commerce on traditional industries and the increasingly under-saturated offline market, the crane industry has embarked on the path of mobile commerce.

Crane machinery in China's market, lifting machinery enterprises to promote the prosperity of the industry plays an important role. It can be seen that many crane enterprises have begun to explore the expansion of the mobile Internet market, this innovative development model shows a broad market prospects, marking the crane industry in China a new era of development.

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