Permanent magnet: rare earth permanent magnet industry usher in the development of new opportunities

   Recently, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Finance promulgated the "Measures for the Development of the IOT and the Subsidy Funds for Rare Earth Industries", which will regulate the exploitation of rare earth resources, the selection of rare earths, the technological transformation of smelting and environmental protection, the development of key technologies and standards for common rare earths, R & D and industrialization and public technology service platform construction in five areas to support. This means that with the United States, Japan and Europe denouncing China's rare earth protection, China's strategic focus on the use of rare earth has been reduced from a simple reduction of mining to extend the industry downstream. The company is located in:

Rare earth NdFeB permanent magnet material industry itself is a new industry, new applications continue to emerge, especially the development of knowledge-based economy represented by the information industry, to the continuous use of functional materials such as rare earth permanent magnet. In addition to the above widely used, the applications of generators, motors and sound systems, wind power generation, energy-saving elevators and inverter air conditioners in automobiles have already started, which will greatly promote the development of       NdFeB permanent magnet materials industry. The company is located in:

The strong demand of emerging industries represented by wind power and new energy vehicles will strongly promote the research, production and sales of rare earth permanent magnet materials. Take wind energy as an example. Compared with traditional gearboxes, the annual cost of permanent magnet direct-drive units is slightly higher, but the power generation capacity can be increased by 3-5%. The low-voltage crossing capability is strong and the grid connection is relatively easy. And permanent magnet direct drive unit less failure, maintenance costs than the traditional gear box to reduce 20%.

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