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Nowadays, in such a rapidly developing country as China, industries, logistics and warehousing have all been developed to different extents. With the rapid economic development and the increase in demand, the turnover speed and period of goods have been significantly accelerated. The operation of goods The weight also continues to increase, which put forward high requirements for the efficiency of cargo transport, and then the internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts, electric trucks, electric stacker as the main material handling equipment has become the most Hottest choice.

The current trend of material equipment, and gradually from the manual-based manual hand truck, manual stacker and other hand-handling transport equipment, and gradually move to the electric power-driven electric equipment, not only saves labor, but also greatly provide The efficiency of homework, speed up the transport of goods now, reducing the overall cost for the enterprise.

  Electric truck, also known as electric pallet truck, is powered by battery, driven by DC motor, hydraulic power unit is promoted, the control handle is centrally controlled, and the station and seat are driven. Use and overloading and long-term operation of goods, cargo handling efficiency can be greatly improved, reduce labor intensity.

  Then we take the Chinese market to introduce the development of electric forklift:

  First, the Chinese market is huge with huge demand. Because of the large market in China, the rapid development of enterprises, factories and warehousing in particular requires efficient handling equipment to meet the cargo handling needs.

  Second, the upgrading of materials and equipment itself, because the original manual hand truck, manual stacker-based manual handling, stacking equipment now can not meet the growing demand for material handling, so according to market demand, energy saving, environmental protection Type electric handling forklift series, and gradually meet the needs of the market.

  Third, the development of science and technology, because of the continuous development of science and technology, is more and more capable of integrating resources and equipment, accelerating the development and manufacture of new products and making it possible to provide new products to the market.

  Fourth, the development of the logistics industry, because the trend of social development gradually to the logistics-based economic development direction, which also makes the demand for materials and equipment continue to increase, for a variety of material handling equipment, increasing demand, but also speed up the development and manufacture of materials and equipment.

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