Lifting industry | Electric hoist is challenging

With the country more and more attention to the construction machinery industry Yue industry, lifting hoist accessories (electric hoist, group hoisting electric hoist) market share soared, lifting parts industry also will usher in a very good opportunity for development.

At present, to meet the daily maintenance and application of large hoist, the use of lifting hoist electric components has developed rapidly, both for domestic exports and competition have become more intense, in the face of market supply and demand imbalance shown by the two major trends: the world Differentiation of customers and how to make products to meet customer needs, for many crane accessories manufacturers both opportunities and new challenges. Lifting hoist parts manufacturers from the previous national standard to the current production according to customer needs, is a new round of business development, continuous improvement of product technology, customer satisfaction is an important means of sales in a profitable position of the modern enterprise.

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