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Electric Chain Hoist(PDH)
Name: PDH Electric Chain Hoist
Category: Electric chain hoist
Description: 1.The Capacity:0.5Ton-5Ton 2. The Lifting Height:3M-12M 3.Two years warranty
HS-VT Chain Block
Name: HS-VT chain block
Category: Chain block
Description: 1. Load capacity: 0.5-10t 2. Standard height: 3-12m 3. Load chain : G80 4. Japan technique
HSC Chain Block
Name: HSC Chain Block
Category: Chain Block
Description: G80 alloy load chain  Double brakes Safe in use and easy to maintain  1 year warranty  Factory price
HSZ Chain Block
Name: HSZ Chain Block
Category: Chain Block
Description: Capacity:0.5-30ton Lifting height:3-12m Warranty:one year Chains:G80
HSH Lever Block
Name: HSH Lever Block
Category: Lever Block
Description: 1.in line with international standards, safe, reliable, durable. 2. Toughness, small size, light weight. 3. Hand pull small, high mechanical strength. 4. Advanced structure, beautiful appearance.
HSH-VT Lever Block
Name: HS-VT Lever Block
Category: Lever Block
Description: HS-VT Hand Operated Chain Hoist Lever Block  Capacity: 0.75-6ton  G80 load chain  ISO,CE  Quick delivery
Floor Jack
Name: Floor Jack
Category: Floor Jack
Description: Floor jack is a widely used in heavy vehicles or mobile devices to support equipment weight, adjust the level of equipment is an important hydraulic components.Capacity:2-3ton
Cargo Trolley
Name: Cargo Trolley
Category: Cargo Trolley
Description: Forged steel plate, strong bearing pressure, rubber layer on the surface to protect the material, mobile type, easy to turn, easy to operate, simple product structure without maintenance.
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